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This is a wonderful ‘go to’ book for all the single ladies out there trying to survive the dating world. You will learn how a young woman waited for her ‘real’ prince to come. There is so much insightful Biblical information on what to do during the wait and even how to pray for your future husband before ever meeting him. This author poured out her heart to help others that are struggling with the same issues…Is there a guy out there for me…Will I ever meet him…When will he come into my life??? Love how she lets us know that God makes it so worth the wait!!
I have read this book and it is truly an inspirational book and should be read by any and all young ladies. Well written in my opinion and easy to read.
This is a love story set up to become a classic amongst the rest. Amber invites the reader to intimately witness the beauty of finding true love through the greatest love story of all – the one with the Creator of the universe. To read her journal entries is to foresee God’s guidance in fulfilling her deepest heart’s desire in finding the one created for her long before she was born. I found myself imagining this love story to be an inspiration for a block-buster hit! I love Amber’s heart for the Lord. What a testament of the Faith she is! God bless Amber and Brian both for waiting patiently on the Lord’s impeccable timing. Beautiful.
I am so thankful that I read this book! It was exactly what I needed in my season of “waiting” and other things God is bringing me through. Amber is such an anointed and gifted writer! I cried, and laughed, and laughed, and cried! Amazing!!! So worth purchasing!!! I have been so blessed with this book and so will you!
Amber is a fantastic presenter and the kids respond to her positively. She is welcome here!- Jr. High Teacher, Franklin, OH
I personally feel that the message Amber presented was very affirming to my daughter. I appreciate how she reinforces God’s plan for their lives, which is what we teach our kids at home. This message is a relief to teens from the social pressures they face everyday.- Mother of HS Student
Amber’s style of presenting is very entertaining, as well as informative. She has a way of connecting to audiences very quickly and pulls no punches when dealing with the way people really live and the choices they make. She can hold the attention of any audience, no matter what age…Amber has served…with leadership and integrity and continues to be the most effective person I have ever met in her field. The key to her success has been her sincerity and genuine spirit of concern for the future of our youth.- Candice Keller, Executive Director of Community Pregnancy Center
Hearing about the depth of God’s love, and how much he treasures us, was completely mind blowing.- Student
No one has ever told me that I am valuable or a treasure. I look up to you…the one thing I usually don’t do is hold my head up like I’m suppose to. You have encouraged me to be who I am…thanks for everything. It helped so much!- Student
I learned a lot from Miss Amber and I really liked her sense of humor to get a very important message across to us kids. I think teens today need to be made aware of the risks they are taking and they need to know that it is okay to say no!- Student
After living through so many divorces, and being abused so many times, my heart grew hard and cold. God spoke through so many of your stories and showed me that romance is real, and sex can be beautiful (In proper context).- Student