Searching for Happily-Ever-After: A Companion for the Lady who Waits


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In a culture where happily-ever-afters and ladies-in-waiting seem only to be figments of myths and legends, what does a woman do with her longing for an extraordinary love story?

Searching for Happily-Ever-After reveals a genuine account of one young lady’s quest to wait with God and the breathtaking love story she found there. Amber Gallagher uses humorous and compelling narratives of struggle and triumph as she uncovers how God taught her to be a “lady” in waiting.

Hear from this hopeful romantic’s heart as she shares valuable life lessons on how you can:

  • Fall in Love with Your First Love
  • Find the Treasure in Singleness
  • Determine God’s Dreams for You
  • Become the Woman You Long to Be
  • Be Apart of Your Love Story…Long Before the Prince Ever Comes
Get ready to be inspired and equipped for the adventure that awaits. Instead of wishing the time away, you will learn how to enjoy the journey and to find every ounce of treasure it contains as you discover the truth about Happily-Ever after.
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Amber Gallagher is author of The Princess Within: Living Like a Princess from the Inside Out and The Sacred Revolution: Uncovering Purity for the Modern-Day Knight. Amber is founder of Sacred Revolution Ministries, an organization on a mission to inspire and equip people for the sacred life with Christ. She speaks at women’s conferences as well as uses her Bible study curricula to lead purity camps and retreat weekends for young men and women. Amber lives in Ohio and is married to Brian Gallagher. You can visit her Web site at
Instead of hopeless, I’d much rather view myself as a “hopeful” romantic. This sentimental heart was in full bloom even as a little girl watching the classics like Cinderella and Snow White…
Along the way, a few broken hearts and some well meaning “encouragers” bade me to understand clearly that life is not a fairytale and happily-ever-afters simply do not exist in the real world. Outwardly, it seemed as if what they were saying was true, but secretly, I felt crushed. No matter how hard I tried to let go of my happily-ever-after dreams, while I could bury them, they simply refused to die. So it became only rarely that I would ponder the question, which always seemed to invade my dreams, “…what if it were real?”
Then one day, Christ whispered to my heart and His words blew the doors off of my imprisoned childhood dreams. It was then that I knew without a doubt that happily-ever-after was real after all, not merely for me, but for anyone who would be brave enough to search it out.
It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. (Proverbs 25:2 KJV)
This is a genuine account of a modern-day fairytale. Perhaps it would be fitting to begin with Once Upon a Time…

6 reviews for Searching for Happily-Ever-After: A Companion for the Lady who Waits

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    I would hand this book to a twelve year old, to help her see rightly the things ahead and the experiences she may have; and I would hand this to a girl thick in her teens, as a guide and a source of focus; and as a twenty-five year old woman, it’s so refreshing and wonderful to know that I am not alone in ‘the wait’. Someone has felt like I have felt. Hope is NOT in vain, and God is working out all things for those who love Him!

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    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and, as you turn the final page, you’ll sigh. Amber Gallagher awakens and nurtures the ‘hopeful romantic’ inside each of us and sets us on the road of living the sacred life.

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    I am so thankful that I read this book! It was exactly what I needed in my season of “waiting” and other things God is bringing me through. Amber is such an anointed and gifted writer! I cried, and laughed, and laughed, and cried! Amazing!!! So worth purchasing!!! I have been so blessed with this book and so will you!

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    This is a love story set up to become a classic amongst the rest. Amber invites the reader to intimately witness the beauty of finding true love through the greatest love story of all – the one with the Creator of the universe. To read her journal entries is to foresee God’s guidance in fulfilling her deepest heart’s desire in finding the one created for her long before she was born. I found myself imagining this love story to be an inspiration for a block-buster hit! I love Amber’s heart for the Lord. What a testament of the Faith she is! God bless Amber and Brian both for waiting patiently on the Lord’s impeccable timing. Beautiful.

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    I have read this book and it is truly an inspirational book and should be read by any and all young ladies. Well written in my opinion and easy to read.

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    This is a wonderful ‘go to’ book for all the single ladies out there trying to survive the dating world. You will learn how a young woman waited for her ‘real’ prince to come. There is so much insightful Biblical information on what to do during the wait and even how to pray for your future husband before ever meeting him. This author poured out her heart to help others that are struggling with the same issues…Is there a guy out there for me…Will I ever meet him…When will he come into my life??? Love how she lets us know that God makes it so worth the wait!!

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